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Welcome to Inner Excellence


INNER EXCELLENCE is a business coaching and adult learning consultancy, helping organisations raise their performance and overcome barriers
by developing key people. Founded
by Claire Patrick in 1992, INNER EXCELLENCE has worked with world leading organisations such as: Ford, Black&Decker, T Mobile, Thales and Carphone Warehouse on programmes that share one common trait; to have a positive impact on the business through learning and coaching.


All our programmes are grounded in psychology and adult learning, which means that everything we do is: relevant, valued, practical, engaging and oriented
to your business goals.

Many of the techniques and practices
we use are borrowed from the world
of professional sport. We recognise that executives need to be able to perform under conditions of stress and be able to recover from exertion, rejection or negative behaviours from colleagues and partners.


We aim to make a difference to you and your business. If we cannot have a positive and measurable impact then we will walk away. However when there is a committed determination to make things better from both sides we can, and have, worked
minor miracles.

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